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Traktor 2, one step ahead of competition

Native Instruments released this Spring Traktor 2 a complete update of its (complex) line of Traktor products and I just had a chance to install it for my Traktor S4 controller. Traktor used to have 3 different products: Duo (2 decks), Pro (4 decks) and Scratch Pro (for external control, with timeline CD and/or vinyl). On top of that, Native Instruments released some special editions for controllers (including its own S4 but also Pioneer DDJ-T1 for example). Traktor 2 is supposed to be an update for all of these, even if you still keep 3 different software. As a owner of both Scratch Pro and S4 edition, I had the right to upgrade to Traktor 2 Scratch Pro. Only Traktor Pro 2 was eligible for pure S4 owners. Hopefully, this version will also simplify Native Instruments offer for Digital Virtual System (DVS)

What is the main purpose of this update ? You will notice it quickly when launching your first tracks, main differences are visual, especially on the waveforms (to catch up with Serato). Layout can also be adjusted to your taste. The loops section has also been greatly enhanced as you can now create a loop from any source

Full hands on to come !

Note:Native Instruments Traktor S4 and Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro have been purchased by author before writing article

Sylvain, June 21st, 2011 (Last update: June 22nd, 2011 01:13)